Our history

Welcome to TrustVita+, the heart and soul behind your quest for a balanced and healthy diet. Founded by two passionate visionaries – a nursing expert and a lifelong advocate of balanced nutrition – TrustVita+ is more than just a brand. We are a family committed to the well-being of each individual.

  • our mission

    In a world where daily life is often hectic and unbalanced, our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to improve their diet easily and without spending a lot of time. We believe that a small change in daily life can make a big difference to health and well-being. That's why we offer a carefully selected range of nutritional supplements and natural products - from vitamins and minerals to natural boosters, all available as gummies, tablets or powder.

  • our philosophy

    At TrustVita+, quality comes first. Each product in our range is the result of extensive research and a rigorous selection of the best ingredients. Our philosophy is simple: nature offers us the best resources for our health, and it is our job to use them in the purest and most effective way.

  • Our responsibility

    As a company, we are aware of our responsibility towards our customers and the planet. We focus on sustainability, from the procurement of our raw materials to the packaging of our products. Our goal is not only to improve the quality of life of our customers, but also to make a positive contribution to protecting our environment.

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Our invitation

Join the TrustVita+ family and discover how easy it can be to take care of your diet and well-being. Whether you want to supplement your daily routine, support your fitness goals or simply enjoy the best of nature - we are here to accompany you every step of your journey.